5 Ways How To Get A Girlfriend In Singapore

Here are 5 powerful ways you can use today to get yourself a girlfriend in Singapore now.

1. Do not put the girl on a pedestal

One of the biggest mistakes that many Singaporean men make when trying to get a girlfriend in Singapore is that they are chill when they meet normal girls. However, when they meet an absolute beauty, they get stunned and put the girls on a pedestal. Putting any girl on a pedestal is a guaranteed way to get the girl to dislike you.

While some girls go for rich men, others go for handsome ones, others go for short ones, every girl wants one thing in her man – confidence. It is an absolute turn off for every Singaporean girl to meet a man who puts her on a pedestal and look like an indecisive, cowardly fellow.

Before trying to approach any girl, simply enjoy your time with her instead of trying to make a particular outcome happen. Of course, this does not mean having a happy conversation with her and then disappearing off never to talk to her again. That is also not the case. However, most men try to get the girl to do something in particular each time they approach the girl. You may have tried getting the girl to give you her number, or tried to get a date on the spot. Girls’ brains do not function the same way as a man. It is more important for girls to enjoy her time spent with you before she will ever consider going out with you. Therefore, focus on enjoying yourself and just being yourself.

This then leads us to the second point.

2. Be yourself – but not in the way you may think

A lot of men used to think that they need to behave a particular way to attract a girl. Perhaps you have tried that and realized the hard way that that does not work. So you then start following the other extreme end of the advice – being yourself. Yet it also does not work! Why is that the case? So how do you get a girlfriend in Singapore then? Are you doomed to be single? No.

The reason is because you are not being yourself enough. Most men start from the opposite end of the spectrum – trying to portray a certain personality. They fail at that then try to reach the other end. But the truth is many people still hold back. Perhaps you think that a particular personality trait of yours will turn girls off so you purposely dial it down. Chances are, most men are not themselves enough! They are still holding themselves back, and not being perfectly themselves. For instance, a simple check is to ask yourself – is there a difference in the way you behave in front of the girl you like and in front of your best platonic girl friends? If there is, you are probably not yourself enough.

3. Hire an escort to gain confidence

While this may be a bit more of a controversial advice, hiring a social escort can greatly increase the amount of confidence that you will get when approaching beautiful girls in public.

Some people may have suggested to you that you should simply approach girls of all types and talk to them even if they are not your type so you build up your confidence. The inherent problem with this supposed solution is that these girls are not your type! You may have tried this supposed solution, but end up still being nervous like crazy in front of girls who are actually your type!

However, if you hire a social escort who is exactly your type – you can get a true local one here, an experienced one will treat you as though you were already your boyfriend during the period that you engage her social escort services for. That quickly gives you the confidence after you have engaged multiple social escorts, all of whom are your type. Then when you finally approach a girl your type, you will have no fear!

4. Approach girls from an angle

If you see a girl in public, and wish to approach her in Singapore, there will probably be two types of reactions. First of all, she may think you are an insurance or property agent and avoid you like the plague. Or, secondly, she may think you are asking for directions or begging for money. Either way, she will probably not be inclined to walk anywhere near you.

So what should you do?

Simply approach her from the front, but at a 45 degree angle. However, do not look like an insurance or annoying agent by staring at her from far away, and keeping eye contact and walking closer. That will not work in Singapore because that is exactly what credit card and insurance and property salespeople do!

Simply approach her from a 45 degree angle and only talk to her when you are close enough, for example, 2 metres away.

Then compliment her on something on her such as her clothes or shoes! Just make sure that it is a genuine compliment!

5. Improve yourself – Get rich, get muscular, get e.t.c.

You can either complain about how richer, more muscular or better dressed guys get girlfriends easily, or you can do something about it, work on it and get the same advantage as well!

Just like you would not want a girl who does not take care of her appearance or carry herself with an elegant vibe, girls do not want a man who refuses to improve himself too.

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