The Real Truth Behind How Much Social Escorts In Singapore Earn

If you are a Singaporean girl wanting to be an escort, you may have seen ads claiming that you can be an escort in Singapore and make more than $10,000 per month or even over $20,000 monthly. However, is that the truth? Or is that actually fake or exaggerated?

The short answer is that, it is often fake.

However, when I mention that it is fake, it is not that everything is a scam. It is that many of the income claims are over inflated. While you can make a lot of money per hour working, most job ad claims of 5 figures are grossly exaggerating.

To give you a realistic illustration of how much escorts in Singapore actually make, I have taken painstaking efforts to interview actual escorts in Singapore to provide you with this information.

Escorts in Singapore do make few hundred dollars per hour worked

First of all, local female escorts in Singapore do make anywhere between $200 to $500 per hour. This is either the rate that they charge or that they nett from work through an agency. Regardless, it is around that range. This means that if we take an average of $350 per hour, working just 4 hours a week will nett you around $1400 a week, and $5600 a month! This is very few hours a week to make well over a few thousand dollars a month. To make a regular salary of $5600 a month in Singapore as an employee, you would need to probably be a lower to mid tier manager, have worked for 3 to 8 years and work at least 9-6pm for at least 5 days a week.

Also, when it comes to the $5600 in the above escort example, keep in mind that is in cash. However, if someone made $5600 a month in their day job, the nett take home is around $4480 working at least 10 times the number of hours. Essentially, as an escort, during the hours that you work, you make at least 10 times that of what many people in Singapore make per hour worked.

One of the reasons for potential income disparity is your willingness to work

Second of all, your income potential is really limited by how hard you are willing to work, as well as how good your availability and schedule is. If there is a late night booking, will you go for it? If there is an early morning booking, will you wake up earlier for it? These are questions you need to answer before deciding to be an escort.

Last minute bookings are also the norm. If you cannot keep to such ‘on-call’ timings, or in other words, last minute timings, you should not even bother applying to be an escort. On the other hand, if you are willing to work hard, and work even at odd hours, then you will make more income than your peers with just a few hours a week. Any more than that and you will make any of your graduate employees friends’ salary look peanuts. This is one of the biggest reasons why some girls who work as social escorts make a lot of money, while others make barely anything. Your willingness to work, and availability for work is everything.

Your age and looks also play a big part in how much money you can make

Third of all, do you look good? Do you look youthful? Most men and clients who are looking for social escorts in Singapore want a local Singaporean girl who is youthful, young, and beautiful. Super thick women are not well liked in Singapore. This is the unfortunate truth. If you are slimmer, or toned and curvy, you will get a lot more clients. If you are too fat, you will not make it. Age does play a big part, although most escorts between ages of 18 to 30 do make about the same amount of money, assuming other factors are nearly equal. If you are older than 30, it is genuinely harder to make as much money as if you are in your 20s. This is another unfortunate truth in this industry.

In short, those job ad claims of 5 figure ++ a month may be exaggerating. However, if you are young, look youthful and slim, willing to work hard and at odd last minute hours all the time, you can easily make a few thousand dollars extra a month as a result of having a social escort job in Singapore.

If you are still undecided whether you should be an escort in Singapore or not, perhaps you can look at my other post on the pros and cons of being a female escort in SG!

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