Social Escorts Versus Prostitutes – Differences In Singapore

Many people think that social escorts and prostitutes are exactly the same thing. However, that is definitely not true in Singapore. In fact, some people also think that escorts and rent a friend are the same, but they are not the same at all.

Escorts are professional companions, while prostitutes are hookers

While some simply cannot wrap their head around this simple concept, that is the truth. The reason why some cannot wrap their head around this concept is because of service providers calling themselves as the other when they are not. Additionally, some escorts may provide sexual services out of their own consenting accord, and thus people get confused.

However, when we look at the actual definition of an escort, a social escort is basically a girl who pretends to be the client’s girlfriend during the period of time engaged. They are a professional companion. The great ones provide the true girlfriend experience, and make the clients truly believe that these escorts are really their girlfriend instead. You are paying them for that experience.

On the other hand, prostitutes are not paid to pretend to be your girlfriend. They are paid for sexual services rendered to you. They do the deed, and it is done. If prostitutes do not provide sexual services to you, you are not liable to pay them anything, because they did not provide you the services you booked them for. That is not the case for escorts. You are only paying for her time and professional companionship.

Escorts are largely legal in Singapore, prostitutes are legal too but many things surrounding it are not

Escorts are allowed to operate in Singapore. Virtually all of them are women. Only a tiny majority are men due to lack of demand. Escorts are free to advertise and sell their services online or offline, in public or in private.

Prostitutes are also allowed to operate in Singapore. However, many activities surrounding it like soliciting in public or over the Internet is illegal, among many other activities. It is a tightly policed space in Singapore.

Escorts are on out call basis, while prostitutes are on in call basis

This simply means that social escorts in Singapore will travel to meet you at a location, or at your location wherever you are at the moment. This means out call.

On the other hand, because prostitutes render sexual services, they are usually in call, which means you will need to travel to their locations. Now, whether these are considered legal or not in Singapore is another issue altogether.

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